Hi I'm Annabel but usually go by either An, Anna or Bell (or Tinkerbell to my nieces & nephews)

I fell in love with photography when I was on holiday after finishing year 12 (early 2000's). My parents bought me my first SLR camera, digital cameras weren't really a thing yet so I started on film (just saying that kind of makes me feel old!) and I enrolled into a Multimedia degree. Funnily enough though most of my subjects were based around film making, animation and computing so I later went on to complete various other courses at the CAE focussed on photography.

Travel & landscape photography was my passion for many years (& given the limitations around travel at them moment I'm so appreciative that I have so many beautiful photos from around the world to help remember all the wonderful travel memories) 

Having my first child changed my life in so many ways & it feels like every time I blink another year passes by. I also know that the little details, simple moments and those feel good times when they're little can easily be forgotten in our busy lives which is why I love capturing special photos for families.

When my first child did arrive I assumed I would be able to take gorgeous photos of her..... Wow how wrong I was (feel free to check out my insta highlights for some of my early baby photo attempts!)

Knowing that I needed to get some help to create better baby photos I joined the advanced course at Click Love Grow and then a few years later the business builder group which gave me the confidence, tools and support to start my own business and so ZAM and co began (It was a culmination of our names Zoe, Anna, Mike & I knew I wanted more children so added the 'and co')

I love creating fun and exciting photoshoots that allow children to be themselves. It makes me so happy to capture their uninhibited expressions when they are free to play, laugh and be silly whilst delivering stunning photos of it all for you to share and cherish.