Hi I'm Annabel but am usually either An, Anna or Bell to those who know me. I fell in love with photography when I was travelling around Asia just after finishing high school. My love for photography grew over the years as I completed a multimedia degree and made the switch from film to digital. Travel photography was my jam until I had my first child Zoe & the travel became well .... much less frequent. Having a child changed my life in so many ways and made photography so much more important to me. They grow so fast (I can't even believe how incredibly fast the days and years seem to be going) and the little details or the simple & fun moments can often slip by or be forgotten in our busy lifestyles. ZAM and co came from our names (Zoe, Anna & Mike) & I knew we wanted more kids so added the 'and co' to reference future babies (well that happened sooner then expected and we now have 2 little girls in our family)

I love creating fun and exciting photoshoots that allow children to be themselves & it makes me so happy to be able to capture their uninhibited expressions when they are free to play, laugh & be silly whilst delivering stunning photos of it all for you to share & cherish.