On location, at your house or even in the hospital just after you've welcomed your newest addition!

Prices start from $400

Our family session is tailored to suit you. It can range from an in home lifestyle session where you play with your kids & I capture those natural moments in the comfort of your own home, a chosen location that might be special to you and your family like a favourite park, beach or even a fresh 48 session in the hospital just after you've had your baby and want to get some of those early memories & details documented. We work with you to give you a fantastic experience that you'll enjoy along with getting some stunning images of you and your family, 



In our home based studio

Prices start from $250

Lifestyle family sessions are great but it's also nice to have some complimentary images of your baby particularly at some key milestone dates so we designed these little setups. These are particularly great when your baby can't run off yet or if you just want a few special photos that depict this time in their lives which can seem to go by in such a flash. 



We'll come and capture all of the fun & excitement of the special day

Prices start from $350

We often spend so much time and money planning our kids birthday parties so why not make sure that all of those special memories are captured by booking us to come and do it for you. You'll have beautiful photos that convey not only all of those special details of the day but also the emotion and feelings that come along with having professional photographs.



On location or in our custom built area

Prices start from $100/child

These sessions are super fun! Get a group of kids together and let them play whilst we capture gorgeous images of them with their friends. When you look back at these you'll be reminded of their playful childhood and fun times that they had with their friends. These sessions can be tailored to provide snacks & some play equipment so contact us now to design a special playdate for your little cherub & their friends.



In our home based studio

Prices start from $400

It’s Cake Smash time!  A Cake Smash is basically a messy, colourful and yummy session involving your baby demolishing a fresh cake using a spoon, their hands and often them taking bite size chunks with their mouth! What often starts off as a cautious baby eyeing off the cake, then evolves into some gentle prodding followed by messy cake mayhem!  These photos capture your beautiful baby smashing the cake and the best part is you don’t need to clean up the mess!

It’s a great way to celebrate your babies first birthday or special occasion in a fun filled, relaxed environment. Just remember to bring a spare change of clothes!

A paint splash session is lots of fun for little ones from about 18 months, lots of mess (that you don't have to clean up) and we will give you stunning photos to celebrate your little artist. 



Come to our custom designed cubby area 

Prices start from $100/child

Our custom designed play area is great for a group of little friends to come and hang out in. It's fully enclosed and parents can sit back and have a hot drink whilst we entertain and photograph your kids. There are lots of role play items to keep your little ones entertained and we can custom build the experience with activities, snack boxes & custom themes/decorations!