• Anna

Group picnic party in the park

This group of mum's were brought together when they joined their first mothers group after having their first child. The children have been friends ever since they were tiny newborns and continue to catch up for play dates and parties regularly. Each year they celebrate another year gone by with a group photo session. Year one was a group cake smash, year two a beach setting and to celebrate their third birthdays ZAM and co setup a park picnic session with cupcakes and all.

The morning was great fun for all of the kids as they started off in the playground where they could relax and burn of some of their energy running around, playing in the playground and feeding the ducks on the lake. It also gave them a chance to get to know me a little and play a few games so that I could get some natural smiles & lots of laughing.

After some play time the kiddies were called over to the picnic mat area for a little rest and a snackbox each so that they could recharge their batteries for some more playtime.

After their snacks they returned to play where they played peek a boo in the teepee, took turns pulling each other around in the cart and huddled together for some group shots on the wobbly bridge and the park bench seat.

We finished off the session with some refreshing watermelon slices & everyone went home happy and hopefully ready for their naps! ZAM and co loved setting up the scene to enable the kids to have a fun time and provide the parents with some lovely natural photos to capture their little ones doing what they love most...... playing!!!

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