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Ever wondered what a newborn lifestyle session involved? Read on to hear about baby William's se

Baby William was welcomed by his adoring parents only a week ago. He was born at full term and under 6 pounds! Mum, dad and baby are all doing well and adjusting to life as a little family. Often with a first child it can be really challenging as no one really knows what to expect or know how they'll cope with having to look after a whole other human being so booking in a photo session can feel a little bit daunting. We know that feeling! With my first baby it took me 5 days to bring myself to leave the house. We totally understand this which is why we make our lifestyle sessions completely relaxed & natural. We work in with how you are doing so it's ok if baby wants to feed 3 times like little William did. We want to capture some stunning memories for you and your family and for us that means making sure everyone (especially bubs) are calm and happy.

When I arrived at Williams house mum was feeding him whilst I did quick lap of the house to find some ideal spots for taking the photos, he was then happy being held by mum so I was able to capture some of his cute & quirky little expressions & hand movements.

Whilst he was happy & content we got lots of individual as well as mum & baby shots and just moved around a little to get some different angles and capture lots of the little details like his tiny fingers & toes.

It was time to get a few with dad in too so we went off to the comfort of their bedroom where we put William down in his cot & watched him look around and take in his surroundings. Then into dad's arms he went as we captured some loving moments between father & son, some oh so cute yawns and of course some family pics! These photos will be cherished by the family because it is their story, it will remind them of the sweet expressions and looks of their child and make them laugh and smile in years to come.

If you would like some beautiful memories & your story captured we'd love for you to get in touch with us to find out more.. These sessions are very relaxed and stress free so you don't need to do a thing except book us in & we'll do the rest.

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