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Want beautiful photos when your baby arrives but not sure what to expect? A fresh 48 session might b

When I had my first baby I didn’t even contemplate leaving the house for the first week or 2 & the thought of going somewhere & spending 3-4 hours to get newborn photos was the last thing I could think of. I wish I knew then about ‘fresh 48’ photography. These sessions are done in those precious first 2 days usually at the hospital where you’ve still got the support of hospital staff & the adrenaline and endorphins of having the baby haven’t quite worn off yet. Most importantly though for many parents those first few days & weeks just become a blur so to look back and have some stunning photos to help remember those first few precious memories are invaluable. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or shared room and most of the photos are taken with your new little one in the comfort and warmth of your arms so you can relax (well as much as possible with a newborn) and let us work around you with what you're comfortable with.

You don't need to think about a thing as we'll guide you the whole way & even bring a couple of wraps etc if you want to use them. If baby needs a feed then we wait whilst baby has a feed, we know how stressful having a baby can be but having some gorgeous photos of your family and your newest addition should not be and we aim to give you a completely stress free & beautiful experience. You can expect lots of kisses and cuddles while we capture those precious memories of you and your new baby because when we look back in the years to come those are the ones that usually mean the most to us as parents. If baby is settled we'll do a few with them wrapped up & in their bassinet and get some of those gorgeous detail shots like their tiny hands & feet! If you've got other children of course we'll include them in too and capture those memories of your growing family.

If you want some relaxed memories captured for you and your family we'd love to hear from you

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