Cake smash
Paint splash

Capture the delicate early newborn phase before they grow out of it and you miss it!  Whether you have a calm sleeping baby or one who is wide awake and sometimes boisterous, these newborn photography sessions create special memories and will be a great reminder of how amazing your baby is.

Capture your child’s development milestones as they grow and start to show off their cheeky personalities.  Whether they are 4 month old who has just started to lift up their head or an 8 month old who can sit up unassisted, these sessions are perfect to track their progression.  Book our milestone package to show how clever your little one is with photography sessions at 1,3, 6, 8 and 12 months as their personality, skills and adorable smiles develop.  These bookings are also extra special if they have siblings.


Perfect for first birthday celebrations or just for fun, these cake smash sessions involve letting your little one loose on a cake and we clean up the mess!  The babies use all their senses as they delicately prod and explore the cake before devouring some.  These sessions capture their cute reactions and produces stunning photos that you'll love to print, share and show them when they're all grown up.

Let them play, explore the colours and textures and the best bit GET MESSY!!!!

Little ones love creating their very own masterpiece through the love and expressiveness of art.  It’s an interactive and fun session perfect for ages 18 - 24 months.